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Chronicles of the Moon (hardcover) Allan Frewin Jones

Chronicles of the Moon (hardcover) Allan Frewin Jones

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Olivia Christie and her friend Josh Welles are in the middle of the greatest archaeologixal exploration of modern times. They are traveling the world with Olly's father, Professor Christie, searching for the sacred Talismans of the Moon - the keys to the ancient world. 

Their first stop is the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. Next, they journey to the sacred mountains of China, and then on into the deep jungles of South America. Their final expedition takes them far into India, beyond the Elephant Falls. These distant lands are exotic, and soon the young adventurers find themselves fleeing from kidnappers, avoiding curses, and dodging booby traps. Can Josh and Olly tackle the dangers of these ancient civilizations and unravel their cryptic riddles in time to keep the artifacts from falling into the wrong hands? 

August 2023

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