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Christ and the Future (Paperback) Cornelius Venema

Christ and the Future (Paperback) Cornelius Venema

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This book is an abridgement of Dr Venema's highly acclaimed, major study, The Promise of the Future. Prepared especially with the non-specialist reader in mind, Christ and the Future expertly summarizes the Bible's teaching about the last things. The Christ-centred nature of the biblical teaching on the future is the main emphasis throughout, as the author shows us the future of the individual, the church, and, indeed, the whole universe.
Dr Venema s fine study is both comprehensive and careful. He is thoroughly biblical; he is also honest and fair in dealing with the variety of eschatological positions that are current in the Christian church. He does not shrink from tackling the hard questions which arise. Nor is he intimidated by the heavy artillery behind some of the views which he believes to be unbiblical. Furthermore, his commitment to serve the church, coupled with his background in pastoral ministry, guarantees that his exposition, even of complex issues, is expressed in a way that the average Christian should be able to follow.
For these reasons and others, I believe that you will find the study on which you are about to embark both intellectually satisfying and spiritually enriching. -- 
Sinclair B. Ferguson

June 2023

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