Changing the Mind of Missions (Paperback) James F Engel, William A Dyrness
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Changing the Mind of Missions (Paperback) James F Engel, William A Dyrness

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The world has changed much since earlier Western missionaries set sail across the seas. And as a new millennium dawns, even greater global and cultural changes are overtaking us. Yet missions has remained much the same. In Changing the Mind of Missions James F. Engle and William A. Dyrness offer a courageous analysis of the challenges facing North American and other Western Christian missions:
  • How can we work within a world context that is shifting from modernity to postmodernity?
  • How can we reverse our assumption that missions means going from "here" to "there"?
  • How can we recapture the vitality and comprehensiveness of the gospel for the complex plight of today's world?
  • How can we reexamine our commitments to programs and strategies in light of the baseline fact that we are engaged in God's mission?
Here is a book that is sure to spark conversation among missionaries, students of missions, mission leaders and church mission committees. It points a way forward with the goal of increasing the spread of the gospel by every means possible to every corner of our world.