Britfield and The Lost Crown (Britfield Series, Book I) [Hardcover] C.R. Stewart

Britfield and The Lost Crown (Britfield Series, Book I) [Hardcover] C.R. Stewart

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One of the most awarded books in fiction, Britfield & the Lost Crown is taking the World by Storm.

Behind the cruel walls of Weatherly Orphanage . . . a rumor spreads and it meant one thing—Tom and Sarah must escape.

Spending a majority of his life locked up and slaving away, Tom and the other orphans had one thing in common: their parents were gone. When Tom learned that his might still be alive, he must find them . . . Getting out won’t be easy. Nobody has ever escaped. The caretaker, Mr. Speckle and his watchdog, Wind, have keen eyes and tolerate nothing. Best friends Tom and Sarah needed a plan. The risks were frightening. Will they survive?

You’ll love this wonderful adventure, because the chase is on and the real secret just might save them. Get it now.

This fast-paced adventure series is transforming literature, education, and literacy while fostering creativity and critical thinking. A timeless classic, Britfield is more than a book, it’s a Movement, bringing encouragement to children and families worldwide. The 7-book series will be followed by 7 extraordinary movies (2023).