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Big Battles of WWII (DVD)

Big Battles of WWII (DVD)

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The Battle of France Blitzkrieg
When Germany goes head-to-head with France, no other decision can be reached: Hitler must be stopped.

The Battle of Britain They Stood Alone
The Battle of Britain, fought entirely in the air, was a major German campaign to gain control of British airspace, crush the Royal Air Force and intimidate the country into neutrality or surrender.

The Battle of The Desert Sand, Sweat, And Tears
The Western Desert Campaign, a primary operation in World War II's North African Campaign, was a continual back-and-forth struggle in an unrelenting desert wasteland.

The Battle of Moscow The End of the Road
On June 22, 1941, Germany and its Axis allies took the Soviets by surprise and invaded, eventually making their way to Moscow where the Soviets launched a massive counter-attack, leading to a morale-boosting victory.

The Battle of Stalingrad Death of an Army
Described as the "bloodiest battle in human history and arguably one of the greatest come-backs in military history," the Battle of Stalingrad was a major turning point in the war proving to be the start of the Soviet Union's liberation and the Allies' victory over Nazi Germany.

The Battle of The Pacific The Setting Sun
This gripping documentary highlights the heated struggle between two of the most powerful navies across incredible expanses of the Pacific Ocean.

The Battle of Italy The Axis Broken
After the Axis powers were defeated in North Africa, the Allies decided to invade Italy, where popular support for the war was flagging. Victory for the Allies ensued and Mussolini was removed from power.

The Battle of Normandy The Tide Turns
The largest invasion by sea to date, the Battle of Normandy engaged nearly three million troops from twelve Allied nations that crossed the English Channel to Normandy in occupied France.

The Battle of Berlin Death of a City
Death of a City reveals archival footage of the intense and destructive battle fought in Berlin one of the final conflicts of the European theatre of World War II.

Pearl Harbor: A Day of Infamy
Two features that highlight the discord between the U.S. and Japan during the war and illustrate the horrific day that the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.
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