Beneath the Mask (Paperback) David Ward
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Beneath the Mask (Paperback) David Ward

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After escaping from their lives as slaves and from the deadly warriors called Spears, Corki and Pippa and their new friends believe they’re destined for a better, free life. But when their plan to leave Grassland is thwarted, they find themselves in the grips of a new trial: the Separation. At this horrible event they learn the answer to one of Grassland’s biggest puzzles: What lurks beneath the masks of the warrior Spears?
Forced apart from his beloved Pippa and into a life he despises, Corki finds that there’s more than one way to be trapped. When he and the other former prisoners are offered a comfortable life—clothes, their own homes, a community—in exchange for committing unspeakable deeds, Corki must decide what he truly values and what he’s willing to do to protect it. Full of heart-stopping action, Beneath the Mask continues the story of Corki, Pippa, and the expanding world of Grassland.

February 2022