Being the Best (Hardcover) Denis Waitley

Being the Best (Hardcover) Denis Waitley

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By the nationally acclaimed author of "The Psychology of Winning" and "Seeds of Greatness".

Success can be yours with Denis Waitley's "Being the Best"

"Success is fickle and fleeting, but living successfully by being the best you can be is always possible."

The world's foremost producer of personal development and motivational audio programs now offers an inside look at how you can find success-- simply by being the best you can be.

Dozens of books, hundreds of ads and thousands of media images give you the inside track on the "secrets" of acquiring so-called success. Power, authority, money, beauty, influence, things-- lots of things, impressive things-- can be yours if you follow their formulas. The prevailing personalities of status show-and-tell are living "proof" that the formulas appear to work. Yet their formulas don't seem to work for you. You've done everything "right", and you still feel dissatisfied. What's the problem?

For more than 20 years, Denis Waitley has been studying, learning and teaching the principles of being successful to literally millions of people. In "Being the Best", he shows that there are light years of difference between learning to live successfully by being the best you can be in your sphere of living and shooting for some kind of phony jackpot at the end of a mythical rainbow called success. That difference is what "Being the Best" is all about.