Behind the Power (Paperback) Dr Wanda A Turner
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Behind the Power (Paperback) Dr Wanda A Turner

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It may be the cock that crows, but it is the hen that lays the eggs.Margaret Thatcher

A man enjoys the public gory while the woman is content to weave the covering of her glory in the secret place. Behind every powerful man there is a woman of power who has passionately poured her life into the foundation of the launching pad for her husband's success. The pyramid of humanity is built upon the power of influence and relationship that is forged in that private place of intimate relationship.

HE IS A MAN OF POWER. But more importantly he is my husband. That hand that shakes so many other hands holds my heart. Those ears that receive much praise also receive my comfort, encouragement, and counsel. His confidence is nurtured in my arms. He is covered by my prayers. As he allows God to take him, break him, bless him, and feed him to the world. I am myself broken and used of God to restore, replenish, and renew him.

With compassionate consideration and in dramatic demonstration, Dr. Turner pulls back the public veil so that we can take a peek at the beauty and warmth of the majestic strength that lies behind every man. It is the hidden power of his wife. This is the power that gives loft to her eagle and provides sunlight in his shadows.

Behind the Power takes you on a journey of the untold beauty of that hidden world, offering tender understanding and spiritual hope.