Basic, Vol. 1: Fear God (DVD) Francis Chan
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Basic, Vol. 1: Fear God (DVD) Francis Chan

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One of the recurring themes we see in the Bible is he idea of fearing God. When it comes to fearing God, though, it seems like so many in the church today want to reduce this fear to some sort of reverence, or respect, or awe. It's almost like we want to apologize to our culture for having a God who tells us to fear him. 

Is the fear that God talks about in the Bible really much more than we want to admit? Could it be that when the Bible says we're to fear God, it's not just respect... that it really means we're to be terrified of Him? Could it be that a healthy fear--or terror-- of a holy God really is the beginning of wisdom? Could it be that this fear of God is what will ultimately lead to the life that we were created to live? 


February 2022