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Balance of Power (Hardcover) James W. Huston

Balance of Power (Hardcover) James W. Huston

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Jim Dillon, Special Assistant to the Speaker of the House, discovers a long-forgotten clause in the Constitution that allows Congress to take military action without presidential approval, and his ambitious boss sees an opportunity to humiliate his rival in the Oval Office. Over at the White House, Dillon's old friend Molly is working feverishly on a legal strategy to block the Speaker's gambit; the case moves swiftly toward the Supreme Court -- and a trial drama that equals anything found in a Grisham thriller.

Meanwhile, in the Pacific, a "rogue" U.S. Navy battle group races toward a deadly rendezvous with terrorists. With H-Hour drawing ever closer, fighter jocks, Navy SEALs, and Marine assault teams prepare for action in a frenzy of activity that sweeps from the carrier's high-tech intelligence center to the high-tension cockpit of an F-14 to the Marines storming ashore on a tropical island. The author was a carrier pilot himself, and the military scenes crackle with authentic detail that outdoes Clancy.



November 2022

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