An Unclouded Day  (paperback) Ramona Bridges
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An Unclouded Day (paperback) Ramona Bridges

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In An Unclouded Day, Ramona Bridges once again weaves a vibrant tapestry of the joys and sorrows, hope, faith, and strength that have come to define four generations of the Warren-Coulter-Graham family. Again, you will laugh with and cry for characters you have grown to know and love in this unforgettable, heartwarming, heart-wrenching trilogy that spans a decade: Addie discovers a journal written during the Civil War and learns the identity of her real father; a young couple struggles
with the loss of their precious child; a resistant son at long last surrenders to the will of God; a mentally disturbed girl has a shocking secret locked away, deep inside her mind.

Amidst harsh economic times and through the inevitable trials of life, the family draws ever closer, encouraging each other, caring for each other, as God protects and carries them through.



March 2022