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An Absence of Light (Hardcover) David Lindsey

An Absence of Light (Hardcover) David Lindsey

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“A multilayered thriller that races to an explosive conclusion.”—People

Captain Marcus Graver, working out of the Houston P.D.’s Criminal Intelligence Division, has made a career of collecting other people’s secrets. But it takes a bullet to the brain of one of his own investigators to reveal the darkest secrets of all.

Officially the death of Arthur Tisler is a suicide. But Graver’s seen the files of Tisler’s last case and he refuses to bury his questions with the corpse. His instincts tell him that Tisler was onto something big—big enough to cost the investigator his life. And the more Graver digs, the more he’s convinced that the trail of corruption leads back to his own command.

Now he must do the most dangerous thing any cop can do: go outside the department. He must enter a shadowy labyrinth of lies and deception where he can trust no one, not even his closest friends and colleagues. And waiting at the center of the maze is a mysterious, sadistic genius, a pair of beautiful assassins, and a thread of clues that will lead to a dark rendezvous with the truth—and death.

“Relentlessly paced and adroitly imagined . . . sure to win [David] Lindsey numerous new fans—and thoroughly satisfy his current ones.”—Publishers Weekly

July 2023

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