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Americana (Paperback) Don DeLillo

Americana (Paperback) Don DeLillo

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"DeLillo's swift, ironic, and witty cross-country American nightmare doesn't have a dull or an unoriginal line." —Rolling Stone

The first novel by Don DeLillo, author of 
White Noise (winner of the National Book Award) and The Silence

At twenty-eight, David Bell is the American Dream come true. He has fought his way to the top, surviving office purges and scandals to become a top television executive. David's world is made up of the images that flicker across America's screens, the fantasies that enthrall America's imagination.

When, at the height of his success, the dream (and the dream-making) become a nightmare, David sets out to rediscover reality. Camera in hand, he journeys across the country in a mad and moving attempt to capture and to impose a pattern on America's—and his own—past, present, and future.

May 2023

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