Am I Right...eous: (Understanding Righteousness) (paperback) Tommie Brown
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Am I Right...eous: (Understanding Righteousness) (paperback) Tommie Brown

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Many Christians are asking the all-important question, "Am I Righteous?" Author Tommie Brown solves the pain of this inquiry and answers the question of one's righteousness through clear scriptural exegesis and personal testimony as a holistic road map to radical spiritual confidence, fidelity, and joy in Christ. Tommie Brown is passionate about teaching God's Word. His passion has led him to teach in Churches and Bible Schools in North America, South America, Asia, Africa and Europe. Having witnessed the impact of the Gospel in his own life, he clearly understands Jesus' Commission to go into all the world and make disciples. Tommie is a 2003 graduate of Rhema Bible College in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has served in various capacities of ministry for over than thirty years.


February 2022