Air Warfare: From World War I to the Present Day (hardcover)  Thomas Newdick
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Air Warfare: From World War I to the Present Day (hardcover) Thomas Newdick

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For centuries battles took place on the land and the sea; with the advent of flying machines, war found a new front — the skies. First taking place in 1911, air warfare revolutionized the art and science of war forever. Air Warfare is a comprehensive history of airborne combat, from pre-WWI skirmishes to today’s global war on terror.

• Presented chronologically, Air Warfare focuses on every major air campaign since 1914.
• Delves into the world’s most riveting air battles in great detail, including the Luftwaffe’s brutal air strikes during the Battle of Britain, the Japanese Kamikaze attacks on Pearl Harbor, as well as the U.S.' air strikes in Iraq.
• Fly with pilots who fought the battles and read the harrowing stories written in their own words.
• Take off on some of the earliest missions, when fighter planes were simply pilots leaning out into the slipstream of regular planes to fire guns or drop bombs by ‘eyeballing’ their targets.
• Beautifully illustrated spreads put you in the thick of the action. Historic photographs, live action images, stunning aerial photography, and full-color artwork bring famous air battles to life.


April 2022