A Thin Difference (Hardcover) Frank Turner Hollon
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A Thin Difference (Hardcover) Frank Turner Hollon

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Hollon is known for his great versatility as a writer and his third novel is no exception. Having covered themes of an incarcerated man and a resident of a nursing home in his previous novels, A Thin Difference focuses on a trial lawyer, something close to home for the author, whose day job is one in the same. Commenting on his daytime profession, Hollon states, ?I deal with people immersed in crisis. Divorces, child custody proceedings, criminal cases. These people face the loss of their liberty, the loss of their children, and sometimes the loss of their very lives. I learn something new everyday about human beings.? In this new novel, Hollon draws on his experience as a lawyer, delving into the darker side of human nature and the legal system telling how sometimes the grinding cogs of the law can accidentally reach the correct result. A Thin Difference is a legal thriller with a twist, where we learn that everyone has to pay for their sins?eventually.


February 2022