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A City Not Forsaken (Paperback) Lynn Morris

A City Not Forsaken (Paperback) Lynn Morris

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Book 3 of 8: Cheney Divall, M.D.

"She's back in familiar surroundings, but her heart yearns for something else ... "

In story three, Cheney returns to New York from the Ozark Mountains, where she worked hard trying to care for the mountain folks. New York brings new challenges. Cheney now treats New York's wealthy elite as part of a private practice she shares with Devlin Buchanan, the handsome doctor who had once proposed to her. When an outbreak of cholera sweeps the city bringing tragedy in its wake, Cheney must make a choice: can she remain in a privileged cocoon when just miles away there are poor people who desperately need medical treatment?

About the Author Lynn Morris, daughter of popular historical novelist Gilbert Morris, has become a recognized and talented writer in her own right. The first novel in this eight-book series was originally published in 1994, and it was an immediate bestseller (almost half-a million combined sales of the eight novels in the series). The popular TV hit "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" made it an easy sell to gatekeepers and their customers in the perennially favorite category of historical fiction. The author's careful background explorations of the setting, medical customs of the late 1800s, and those institutions finally being opened to women, make for intriguing plots for the memorable character of Cheney. She is providing fascinating new Author Notes at the beginning of each story, adding to the rewarding reading experience.



February 2024

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