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8-Movie Big Box of Action (DVD)

8-Movie Big Box of Action (DVD)

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The Red Corvette
The second Cindy Reese steps into Bella Fagone's red Corvette, she is swept away by her wild life of sex, clubs and cocaine,and by the time Cindy realizes how Bella is able to get whatever she wants, it could be too late...

1000 Times More Brutal
Long-time pals Antonio, John, Jimmy and Little Mikey learn how mean the streets of Brooklyn can be when they cross paths with Carlo Morello (
Peter Greene), a gangster with a bad attitude.

When John, a former Navy SEAL, learns that his son's cancer is not improving, he realizes the hardest war he'll ever fight is staring him in the face. To raise the money for treatment, he plans to steal illegal earnings from a greedy man (
Michael Ironside).

Tunnel Vision
The victim of a violent attack, Gabriel (
Cristos) awakens to learn that the man responsible for his injuries has killed his wife and son. When the jury fails to convict him, Gabriel wants to take matters into his own hands. But this time, the quest for vengeance must be a battle of wits.

The Rule of Law
Tom Cali is a father and a martial arts instructor, but that all changes when he walks into a restaurant, carrying a backpack—minutes before the restaurant blows up. Now, Tom is on the run from the FBI and on the hunt for the real bomber.

It's a fight to the finish when FBI Special Agent John Thomas goes undercover to capture a crime boss. With his cover blown, and a mobster Crazy Eddie (
Robert Z'Dar) and a double-crossing FBI agent (Joe Estevez) who want him dead, only a female agent willing to break all the rules will save his life.

Con Games
Doscher State Prison is known for having the highest rate of inmate deaths, and guards like the ruthless Officer Hopkins guard (
Eric Roberts) aren't helping to keep the numbers down. When the grandson of a senator is murdered at Doscher, John Woodrow is hired to go undercover and investigate.

The Eliminator
Dakota Varley (
Bas Rutten) enters a boat race to cover his debts. But instead of becoming a big winner, he becomes a contestant in a lethal game. Varley and six others must survive an island filled with hunters while wealthy investors watch their pawns' every move.




September 2022

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