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30 Seconds (Hardcover) Sam & Bettina Giancana

30 Seconds (Hardcover) Sam & Bettina Giancana

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Marty English, advertising executive, seems to be leading the perfect life-no one knows that he is really the estranged son of Chicago's Mafia Don. When he pulls in a multi-million dollar account with Isaac Arrow Pharmaceuticals to promote its new herbal line, it looks like he's a shoe-in to replace the aging president of his agency. The only problem is that the ad must be completed for airing during the Superbowl, less than three weeks away-with practically no time to head to Belize and shoot a commercial that will highlight Isaac Arrow's ecological commitment.
Unbeknownst to Marty, the heads of Isaac Arrow have long been in cahoots with the Mob, the CIA, and the heads of Planetlife, a bogus eco-resort that is really a front for the manufacture of a highly potent drug. When Tony Inglesia, Marty's father, refuses to go in on the distribution of this new drug, the others in the crime ring plan to "eliminate this roadblock" as soon as he relinquishes his CD-Rom disk which contains one third of the code necessary to access a Swiss bank account containing millions. But their plan is thwarted; Tony's right hand man murders his boss to get in on the action, and now all that matters to them is that they recover the disk (which is now, unmarked, with its significance unexplained, in Marty's possession).
For the first time, Marty must depend on the help of a county cop, and his beautiful long-time companion Reiki to help him crack the mysterious code the disc contains and bring down the crime ring...and stay alive in the process.



October 2022

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