Betting on Faith: From the Biggest Casinos in Las Vegas to Brandon, Mississippi - My Incredible Faith Journey in Finding the Promised Land (paperback)

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Dawn was living a glamorous life as a top casino executive: luxurious travel, big houses, nannies, limos, and private planes. It seemed like the perfect life, and she seemed to be completely happy. So why did she walk away from it all?

She was dying inside.

The child of an alcoholic, Dawn worked her entire life to hide the "family secret" by keeping up appearances. She helped raise her brother, worked her way through college, got married, had a child, and rose to the top in her industry. But behind the scenes, Dawn had been burying her troubles below empty wine bottles and more.

After years of working in and "wandering" the desert of Las Vegas, Dawn found healing and hope in Sin City through God's grace and a relationship with Jesus Christ. Betting on Faith tells the story of how this former casino exec battled the Goliaths in her life with Jesus Christ at her side, to receive blessings beyond all imagination.